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Law enforcement , want a guy in Nashville , Tn after returning having a handgun when he received his food in the drivethru that did not have a burger he had ordered to some McDonald buy essay cheap.s restaurant . According to authorities , 21 - year-old Demetri Johnson was so incensed in the purchase miscue , he did not wait for the purchase to be rectified . Buy Essay Cheapstead buy essay cheap. he made a gun and required soft drinks and free chips combined with the hamburger that was missing . USA Today reported Dec buy essay cheap. 23 that the man recognized as Demetri Manley first appeared in the McDonald 's drive thru on Thurs , put an order , obtained his food , then drove off. He shortly returned , however , and notified the employee in the drive thru that his order was overlooking a cheeseburger . While his buy was set he was then asked to park his car . The workers of McDonald say that Johnson didn't wait in his car as instructed . Instead , he entered the eatery . Manley demanded his purchase be fixed and made a gun . The three women with him -- and Manley themself -- also demanded free fries and soft drinks . The four individuals drove apart and left the restaurant after getting their order . To locate Johnson Nashville Authorities are seeking help . They urge anyone understanding of Johnson's whereabouts to call 74 - CRIME . The appearing rash act over a fouled order of Demetri Johnson 's isn't the only incident of its type to take place at QSR this year . In line with The Inquistr , the incorrect order was received by two girls twice at a Mich McDonald 's place in Feb . Promised a free meal during the time of their choosing on account of the dual blunder , the girls returned afterwards at 3 a.m. , only to again obtain a horrible buy ( the mistake was that their burgers were shipped without sausage ). Fed-up , the girl in the passenger seat leaned over and fired a bullet through the drive thru window. Luckily , no one was hurt as the chance passed through the eatery .

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