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5. Fred said that Scrooge’s ____________________ carry their own punishment. 6. In the game Fred was thinking of a live, disagreeable, __________________ animal. 7. In the mist, a hooded ____________________ was coming toward Scrooge. 8. The Ghost left his blessings wherever he saw ____________________ . com 29 A CHRISTMAS CAROL • Chapter 17 7 INFERENCE NAME DATE Circle a letter to show how each sentence should be completed. 1. Scrooge saw Christmas being celebrated in a humble miner’s hut and in a lonely lighthouse.

Scrooge was used to people making fun of his name. b. Scrooge was afraid he’d be remembered as stingy and hardhearted. 6. It was a wonder Fred didn’t shake his arm off! a. Fred was so surprised and pleased that he couldn’t stop shaking his Uncle Scrooge’s hand. b. Still angry about Scrooge’s grumpiness, Fred gave his uncle a hard shake. com 37 25 A CHRISTMAS CAROL BOOK SEQUENCE NAME DATE First complete each sentence with words from the box. Then number the events to show which happened first, second, and so on.

A. Bob Cratchit would lose his job. c. Tiny Tim would soon die. b. Christmas would be canceled. d. Scrooge would become young again. com 39 26 A CHRISTMAS CAROL FINAL EXAM, PART 2 NAME DATE Answer each question in your own words. Write in complete sentences. 1. Did Bob Cratchit have an important job at the counting house? What was his title? Was his work space pleasant? What kind of work did he do? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2.

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