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By Diana Cooper

The ever-present angels of way of life are brought during this totally revised and improved bestseller. Buoyed by way of the firsthand studies of standard those who have interacted with angels, the e-book deals information on the best way to achieve out to the light beings who've selected to serve mankind via support, aid, and therapeutic. The identities and reasons of a mess of angels are explored, from the small angels who take care of the slightest day-by-day tasks to the large archangels who solid gentle over nice common initiatives. by means of elevating awareness and knowledge approximately those heavenly spirits and the fantastic companionship they must provide, this research bargains a glimpse right into a extra developed global filled with peace, gentle, and pleasure.

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She walked down a street she had walked down a million times and glanced casually up. Above her, looking down at her, was a stone angel with sunlight shining all over it. She had never seen it before. Suddenly she felt warm and safe. One of my favourite angel stories was very simple. Eileen had been nursing her dying father for some time and he had finally died. She felt very sad and empty as she took flowers to the cemetery. The place was deserted and she stood by the grave for a while reflecting on old memories.

When each person had time to absorb the wonderful feeling, I suggested they visualise a golden bubble around themselves. ” Theresa told me that she was with friends on the way to hear me give 41 A N ew L ight on A ngels a talk in Dublin and they were worried that they wouldn’t get there in time as they were stuck in a relentless traffic jam. They asked the angels for help. Within moments a young man on a motorbike drew up beside their car and asked if they needed assistance. They told him the name of the hotel they were looking for.

Peace must be spread and it can only start within individuals who are ready to forgo their power struggle with others. ” 29 A N ew L ight on A ngels “Impress on each one to make a corner of their home into a peace corner. This doesn’t mean candles or crystals or rituals. It means a space in which you think only peaceful thoughts. It may be as small as one chair in the house but having chosen the spot never approach it unless your thoughts are centred and peaceful. That little corner is like an acorn of peace.

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