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He was smooth. I began to wonder if I was the problem, maybe just too uptight; after all it was a free-spirited time. Right then in my mind I heard a voice quoting a scripture Dad had taught me. ” This rattled me to my core and I sadly looked out the window from the ninth floor at the Hollywood Hills and saw my dreams float away with the soft-moving, billowy, distant clouds. ” “Well, I’m sorry to hear that, Danny,” he simply replied. I walked out of his office in a subdued, zombie-like state. I was seventeen years old and what I had been dreaming about since I could remember turned out to be something I was not ready for.

He was a nice man and I was surprised by how decent he was with me, which made me feel guilty because I had slept with his daughter. He just wanted to know how she was doing and that she was all right. He was a concerned dad and obviously loved his daughter. After all she was still his little angel. Shelly’s dad made me take some money and also gave me the medicine she needed. I had to tell Shelly of our meeting and I would try to convince her that we both should go and visit her folks soon, just to let them know everything was okay.

I tried telling her not to treat her folks this way, which only made things worse, of course, and she started punching me. Shelly ran upstairs. Her parents began to apologize to me. Then, we heard a loud scream and ran to the stairs. Shelly was on the landing, blood spurting everywhere. She had slit her wrists again and was holding onto a broken beer bottle, slashing herself more with it and screaming as she did so. Struggling, we managed to take the bottle from her and tried to calm her down. An ambulance was called and on its way, and her mom and sister tried to keep Shelly quiet.

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