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These two simulation environments use the Player [8] interface to communicate with and control the simulated robots. The Player interface is also available for actual robots through a uniform interface so that control and sensing software can be written without knowledge of the specific hardware of the robot or how virtual the robot may be. The Stage simulator provides a lightweight environment that focuses on the interaction of a vast number of autonomous agents. 5-dimensional simulation region.

One problem with this method was that each variable and desired variable did not match at the end of the simulation. After a certain period of time, the control inputs generated by the desired trajectory of acceleration became zero, and consequently the method considered in this simulation cannot resolve the error between the variables and the desired variables. 16: Simulation Results of a UW-Car System Using Feedforward Input Based on Trajectory Generation in Acceleration Behavior. suppressing the angle of the pendulum of the cart.

J. B. H. Choi, Adaptive neural sliding mode control of nonholonomic wheeled mobile robots with model uncertainty, IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology 17 (1) (2009). [18] J. H. , Sliding-mode velocity control of mobile-wheeled inverted-pendulum systems, IEEE Transaction on Robotics 26 (4) (2010) 750e758. [19] H. S. Erwin, Sliding control approach to underactuated multibody systems, American Control Conference (2004) 1283e1288. S. S. R. Chang, Modeling and hierarchical tracking control of tri-wheeled mobile robots, IEEE Transaction on Robotics 22 (5) (2006) 1055e1062.

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