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508743 Item 28 The features of the tread pattern of a tyre with different pitches are analysed. A method is provided to make up various ribs arbitrarily. A computer aided design program for a low-noise tyre tread pattern is described. Gummi Kunst. 2, Feb. III-6 German STUDIES OF OPTIMISATION OF TYRE TREAD COMPOUNDS Sattelmeyer R HoechstAG Tyre tread compounds should exhibit high wet skid resistance and low rolling resistance, but improvement of one of these properties generally leads to deterioration of the other.

The progressive loss of contact area with speed for four tread patterns is illustrated in Figure 47. Klingbeil and Witt (259) modelled a radial tyre to study the traction characteristics of the tyre. Their results show that on moderate to high friction surfaces, interfacial sliding occurs at the exit edge of the footprint at all levels of driving and braking; the sliding zone progresses forward with increasing severity of the manoeuvre. They also conclude that Coulomb friction has different consequences in driving than braking; a driving manoeuvre supports a large adhesion zone up to a high tractive force and then suddenly gives way, whereas a braking manoeuvre steadily loses adhesion with increasing braking severity.

CROSS-PLY VERSUS RADIAL Advantages of radial over cross-ply tyres for earthmoving machines and vice versa are discussed. The construction of both types of tyre is detailed and the composition of materials used to make them. The trend towards radial tyres is acknowledged. BRIDGESTONE TIRE & RUBBER CO. Gummi Kunst. 718-26 HEAVY DUTY TRUCK TYRE MATERIALS AND PERFORMANCE Rodgers M B; Mezynski S M Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. A review is given of the trends in the US truck tyre industry, including factors such as truck fuel efficiency, vehicle design and operation, environmental factors, tyre rolling resistance, compounding for low rolling resistance truck tyres, carbon black, and vulcanisation systems.

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