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Novice Photographer is the world’s oldest weekly journal for images lovers. With its distinct weekly structure, it's the first for information and electronic and picture gear checks. usual beneficial properties on reader portfolios, darkroom, electronic, black & white and photographer profiles verify all parts of images are lined.

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While that should be a bad thing, I can’t help but love the image for just for that reason. It’s the structure in the background that really makes it. The refections are utterly disorientating. Then we have the lines on the road. The angle is all off, meaning there’s no way they can function as a comfortable framing device or leading line. Add to that the surreal focusing and you have a shot that can easily make the viewer a little woozy. Again, though, I can’t help but love it. Zou’s image made me confused, then pleased, then a bit angry before going back to confused.

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This is a seriously good photograph. © CATRIONA May Everyday People stephen67 – ‘Hide’ © sTEPHEN67 © READY TO sNAP There’s something genuinely sweet about this image. It’s beautifully balanced, too – the angle and composition are just right. It can often be the case that when we see an image, the reason we like it is because of the subtle little elements of the scene. Our eye is drawn to one thing that perhaps everyone else viewing the image would not otherwise notice. For me, it’s the newspapers on the edge of the counter.

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