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By Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm; Bull, Malcolm; Nietzsche, Friedrich

Nietzsche is still what he desired to be - the limit-philosopher of a modernity that by no means ends. This ebook argues that only to reject Nietzsche isn't really to flee his entice. His appeals to our hope for victory, our creativity, our very humanity are seductions we won't withstand just by disagreeing with him.


A provocative highbrow attack at the iconic philosopher.

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But when anarchists emerged, a new spectre was born, the nihilist; and a generation later nihilists proclaimed their own existence. It is at exactly this moment that the philistine comes into being as the most recent but surely not the last negation. The pattern that emerges from this series of negations is not circular but dialectical. Although each negation has eventually moved from spectrality to reality, it has not been incarnated in the form of its contrary. ) Instead, the negation of one value allowed the differentiation and affirmation of another value that had been subsumed within it.

In contrast to Odysseus, Socrates is a philistine whose power of resistance comes from within: ‘While in all productive men it is instinct that is the creative-affirmative force . . 90 Even if his followers eventually become ‘chained by the Socratic love of knowledge’,91 Socrates himself is not tied to the machinery of domination, but someone through whom the spirit of negation speaks as freely and spontaneously as it does through Silenus. He is not prevented from responding to the music of Dionysus, but liberated from the impulse to do so.

Atheists were perceived to be so numerous as to plague entire countries. According to one recent historian, ‘To judge by . . 24 Indeed, atheism was viewed as so perverse that many commentators insisted that it was logically inconceivable. And even if that possibility were conceded, it could still be argued that a society of atheists would collapse under its own contradictions. 25 So at the same time that atheism was everywhere denounced, its existence was held to be impossible. ’26 Even if atheism were not—as Lucien Febvre claimed—conceptually impossible until the seventeenth century, there can be little doubt that at the time atheists were first denounced from the pulpits and burnt at the stake, there were hardly any atheists at all.

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