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By Donald M. Bahr, Lloyd Paul, Vincent Joseph

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Tohono O'Odham poetryTranslations into English. I. Paul, Lloyd, 1919- . II. Joseph, Vincent. III. Title. 45dc21 97-29657 Page v CONTENTS Foreword By Paul Zolbrod vii Introduction Purpose Of The Book x Part One Ant Songs Chapter 1 Background: Working on the Texts, the History of Salt River, and Pima Mythology 3 Chapter 2 The Texts 32 Chapter 3 Myth and Sing: Principles of the Art 66 Chapter 4 The Sing Interpreted 80 Part Two Oriole Songs Chapter 5 Oriole Lessons 107 Chapter 6 The Sing Quietly 114 Chapter 7 The Sing Loudly 144 Chapter 8 Conclusion: On Criticism 166 Appendix Three Papago Airplane Songs and the Dreaming of Ancientness 171 Supplement 1 Musical Notation 189 Supplement 2 On Translation 191 Supplement 3 On the Study of Individual Songs 193 References 195 Index 199 Page vii FOREWORD Paul Zolbrod As Donald Bahr suggests at the outset, this volume asserts a claim all too seldom made: there is poetry in Native American oral discourse.

A seated singing leader picks and starts each song. The dancers join in loudly or softly depending on how well they know the songs. This is the normal way to learn them, by singing while dancing. It is rare now for dances to last all night and even rare to have shortened night dances, which end at one in the morning. Brief afternoon performances are now the rule. In these, the dancers tend to be specially costumed children. Salt River adult dancing meanwhile has become like that of the rest of PhoenixAmerican and Mexican stylein bars, at proms and weddings, etc.

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