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or <-- so. In this way a center is prepared-the central grey (Fig. 83). The purer the presentation of the grey, the narrower its reach, theoretic ally confined to a mere point. Left of the grey point, green is in the ascendancy; right, close to the grey point, already red. Consequently one could be tempted to arrive at the following diagram (Fig. 85): 31 We have arrived at the spec tral color circle where all the arrows are superfluous. " A concluding note The beacon, guiding Klee through his adventures in seeing, is the line in action.

Many other examples can widen the theme: Lightning, for instance, as scientific and as emotional experience, or the path of an eclipse, the swing on its rope hooks-free and confined at the same time, the forward dash of sail and prow. These are mere hints, pointing toward a use of Klee's book that will, in the words of Novalis: ... " S. M-N.

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