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Каталог авто компании Baker electrical automobiles за 1909 год.

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4 (a) Vehicle plane motion. (b) Side-slip angle of each tire. to act along the axle. 5) are the basic equations describing the plane motion of the vehicle traveling with a constant speed, and without roll motion. To study the lateral forces, Yf1 ; Yf2 ; Yr1 ; Yr2 acting on the tires in more detail, it is first necessary to examine the respective tire side-slip angle, bf1 ; bf2 ; br1 ; br2 : Tire side-slip angle is defined as the angle between the tire traveling direction and the tire heading direction or the tire rotation plane.

Much research has been carried out on the effect of traction force and braking force on lateral force. 26 is an example of actual measurements that could be understood with the concept of the friction circle explained above. 26 Lateral force with traction and braking forces. 3 Self-aligning torque The theoretical analysis with the mathematical model shows that when the sideslip angle is small, the self-aligning torque increases linearly with side-slip angle, but when side-slip angle is large, the self-aligning torque approaches saturation and reaches its peak at a certain value.

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