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Synopsis of elementary results in pure and applied mathematics

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Lectures on the Cohomology of Groups

Downloaded from http://www. math. cornell. edu/~kbrown/papers/cohomology_hangzhou. pdf
Cohomology of teams and algebraic K-theory, 131–166, Adv. Lect. Math. (ALM), 12, Int. Press, Somerville, MA, 2010, model 18 Jun 2008

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This school is organized by problems—discipline problems, curriculum problems, resource problems, parent and family problems, and even administrative problems. Every teacher in this school serves as a member of a team that considers the problems we have in one or more of these areas. And, with my input and guidance, the decisions that are made are theirs. ’ ‘Now I see that without the participation of teachers in making a school effective none of the other characteristics we’ve talked about would make sense.

And, wouldn’t all that change the way a teacher teaches? ’ ‘That’s exactly where the train should be heading. These problem-oriented and decision-making behaviors are what we should be after in the long run—they’re what get students onto the next rung of the learning ladder faster and allow students to think laterally—make associations, discover patterns, and find relationships—just the type of thinking you and I do everyday in our adult lives. And, it should provide more and better feedback to students as to where they should be going.

Provide some original examples in your subject or grade of performance assessments. 4 What is the purpose of lateral as opposed to vertical learning? Why do we need both? How might both be taught within a single lesson or unit? 27 Becoming a Teacher Field Activity From your experience, identify in the boxes below some examples of vertical and lateral learning in a classroom. Describe how different bodies of knowledge might be integrated in a single lesson or unit with the concept of lateral learning.

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