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A. Familiar: du b. Polite: The polite De form dig; de din Dem Deres is the same deres (sing, dere. and plural). as the third person plural, but written with capitals (11). The polite form may also be called the formal pronoun of address, and the familiar may be called the informal or the intimate pronoun of address. The best rule for when to use the one or the other lies in these terms. VOCABULARY. Note. Names of the days of the sjzm'dag, Sunday. man'dag, Monday. week are not tirs'dag, Tuesday.

To skint shine, at sne, III, to snow, deilig, fine, beautiful, , e, delightful, varm, r, warm, 49 kold hel, [11], r, ganske, indecl. adj. , cold. r, whole. saa'dan, quite, entire(-ly). ne, such. t, igjen', again, t, styg, ge, bad; opposite of pretty. som, (rel. , long. saa'ledes, thus, at, sub. , who, which, that. as. Notes. i. Names of seasons of the year and divisions of time (except aar, minut, and sekund) are common gender. 2. The perfect participle (regnet) and the singular definite of the noun (regnet) are spelled alike.

Ellefte], I2te. [tollte], " trettende, I3de. " 16. femten. seksten 17. sytten 15. " " [seisten]. " [sjzftten]. :< 18. atten. fjortende, I4de. femtende, isde. sekstende, i6de. syttende, i7de. attende, i8de. " 19. nitten. nittende, igde. ' 20. ty've. ' 21. en 22. one and twenty). to og tyve (two and og tyve (i. , ' tyvende, 2ode. enogtyvende, 2ide. toogtyvende, 22de. twenty). ' 30. tredive 31. [tred'deve]. ' en og tredive. tredivte [tred'defte]. enogtredivte, 3ite. ' 40. firti 50. fir 'tiende, 4ode.

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