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There isn't any such factor as an excessive amount of writing perform. those two-part binder courses construct abilities incrementally from vibrant notion to polished ultimate product. those stimulating classes will permit scholars to really benefit from the writing procedure. comprises qualities of Writing correlation.

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Also dropped her books. ____________________________________________________________________ 3. Got on the bus. Jane saw her friend. ____________________________________________________________________ 4. When I travel by bus. Can read or sleep. ____________________________________________________________________ 5. Jane pulled the buzzer. As the bus approached her stop. ____________________________________________________________________ B. Rewrite each fragment below to make a complete sentence.

A sentence that does not relate to that main idea does not belong in the paragraph. A. Circle the two illustrations that do not relate to the main idea of this topic sentence: Certain occupations require great courage as well as skill. B. Circle the letter of the item that does not support the topic. 1. 2. 3. 4. a camping trip a. setting up the tent b. lighting the campfire TOPIC: Fourth of July fun a. fireworks b. sunburns c. hearing noises in the woods d. shopping at the mall TOPIC: characters on the bus a.

Each sentence below has a passive verb. Rewrite the sentences, using an active verb. 1. April 8, 1974, will never be forgotten by baseball fans. ____________________________________________________________________ 2. That night baseball history was made by Hank Aaron. ____________________________________________________________________ 3. Until then, the major league home run record had been held by Babe Ruth. ____________________________________________________________________ 4. The sign for a fast ball was given by the catcher.

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