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The definative remark on Husserl's rules I.

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This accounts for the “painful existential contradiction” into which Husserl notes he and his audience have fallen “as philosophers of this present” (15/17). ”114 As has been seen, this philosophy is first and foremost philosophy as rigorous science, which is to say: pure, transcendental phenomenology. Thus it is the task, the responsibility of phenomenologists, who in Husserl’s eyes are the preeminent “functionaries of humanity,”115 to reawaken man’s belief in himself and thereby his will to reason as his ownmost telos.

123 With this ground comes the right path, which accords with the things: “The fact that, in progressing, these reflections [on what is required to institute “the One Philosophy”124] become ever more complex and ultimately lead to a whole science, to a science of the beginning, to a ‘first’ philosophy, the fact that all philosophical disciplines, indeed the foundations of any science whatsoever, spring from its root-ground [Wurzelboden]—all this had to remain hidden because the radicalism was lacking without which philosophy cannot at all be, cannot even begin” (Afterword, 569).

It calls for decision. Were they to succumb to skepticism, were they to cease to believe in reason, Husserl tells his fellow Europeans, they would “renounce [their] own truth” (Crisis, 12/14). 92 It is of his essence (Wesen) to be rational. And that is why the skeptical obfuscation is so dangerous: “If man loses this belief [in reason], then that means nothing less than: he loses the belief ‘in himself,’ in the true Being proper to him that he does not always already have, not already with the evidence of the ‘I am,’ but only has and can have in the form of a struggle for his truth, to make himself true.

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