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PMContents: creation: Tumbles and Leaps; starting in knowledge; in the direction of a Rhetoric of Destitution; Excellence and Loss; historical past and Seduction; Defeats and goals; Notes and References; Index

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While his ideas concerning this relationship owe a lot to Ransom and Tate, they do give his work an immense driving force. The very titles, 'Land of Unlikeness' and 'Lord Weary's Castle', indicate this large theme, for with them Lowell intends a description of the modern world. The 'land of unlikeness' is a phrase used by Etienne Gilson forSt Augustine's 'regio dissimilitudinis'. It suggests the world of those without a sense of God. 5 In his review of Lord Weary's Castle Berryman himself noted the title's significance: Lowell uses the doomed 'house of ingratitude, failure of obligation, crime and punishment' to suggest our world.

The men will be seen as they are now, but by the eyes of the future. Their fellows cannot be redeemed from time; and Berryman's use of the future perfect, usually a clumsy tense, is here exactly appropriate. Briefly, the poem uses the past tense, but only in a subordinate clause. The phrase in which this past tense is used serves a special purpose for Berryman, providing as it does an echo of 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'; the men ... will keep the scene and say By their configuration with the trees, The small bridge, the red houses and the fire, What place, what time, what morning occasion Sent them into the wood ...

Lowell's faith springs from a fear of loss and disorder. Underlying Berryman's early work there is often an ill-concealed comparable fear. In 'Winter Landscape' Berryman acclaims art's timeless quality, but this attitude scarcely hides his deeper fear of time and change. The fear is made tolerable only through his belief that time may be transcended, that there exists a permanent order sealed off from time. Eventually for Berryman this belief in a permanent transcendent order diminished, and as it did so he chose in his poetry to come to terms with time and loss, to face them rather than seek to escape from them.

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