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By Fritz Bogott

Tiny inventors Alvy and Alby holiday into houses and play Rube Goldberg functional jokes. while Alvy unexpectedly disappears, Alby enlists assistance from of his younger victims-- yet they locate they're facing forces of an unforeseen scale.

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The two stocking caps inch forward across the worn linoleum, hugging the foot of the shelves. “Shut up,” Alvy says. “They’ve got security cameras in here. ” “Plus, they’re hot,” Alby says. “Couldn’t it have been baseball caps? ” “How about black cowboy hats,” Alvy suggests. ” Alby asks. ” “You should have worn kneepads like I said,” Alvy says. ” Alby sneaks a peak out the brim of the cap. He gazes up at the rows of bubble-packed toy airplanes and 45 Boggle & Sneak slingshots. ” he whines. ” “There,” Alvy says, pointing.

The cat leaps through the gap but catches a foot in the girls’ fishing line. The line pulls tight and violently shakes the door bells. The cat screams, and claws at its tangled leg. The chickens 34 Boggle & Sneak catch sight of the cat and resume dervish mode, which further enrages the cat, and brings the other cat scrambling to investigate. The door bells jangle steadily. Alvy and Alby hustle as fast as they can, fully loaded, out the door. One of the chickens flies into the screen door with a resonant thwack, like a tennis ball meeting a racket.

I need your help,” the eagle says. Alvy goggles, surprised, and surveys the thin air all around her once again, still hoping for some useful weapon or path of escape. “I’ve been watching you,” the eagle says, and ruffles his feathers slightly. Alvy sprints forward and leaps, hands out, tensed for the burn of the neon. 57 Boggle & Sneak The eagle lazily reaches out a claw, snags Alvy in midair, and drops her back onto the sign. ” he asks. Alvy backs again to the furthest edge of the sign, and folds her arms across her chest.

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