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By Alan Lachica, Doug Werner

This boxing instruction manual presents updated, in-depth training for critical contenders. Weaving basic talents right into a development of drills that hone approach in more and more complicated, difficult, and sensible scuffling with events, the instruction manual aids warring parties in constructing the reflexes of an entire boxer and teaches the flow from a process-and-react mentality to at least one of seeing-and-reacting. enormous quantities of sequential pictures illustrate very important steps within the progression—from right stance, powerful footwork, and variety to security and counters, the significance of angles, and growing successful ideas.

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First of all, it’s your dominant hand. Most people do everything with their dominant hand — throw, eat, write and swing. So it’s no surprise that it’s the hand you’re most comfortable punching with. Plus, it gives you the feeling of having your body behind it because everything is moving forward. The left hook is thrown with your body weight going from front to back, away from your opponent. Let’s look at power punching a little closer. First, always punch through your opponent. ”And, of course, the rules of power punching apply — pivot the foot of the hand you’re throwing and transfer your weight.

45 The jab 1 2 1 2 Straight punches —The jab begins and ends next to the chin. Always on a straight line — like looking down the barrel of a rifle. 46 Chapter 5 3 4 3 4 47 The jab 1 2 1 48 2 Chapter 5 3 4 Punch path — Check out the sequence from 1 through 4 and then backward from 4 through 1. The punch is delivered and returned along the exact same path. 3 Telegraphing a jab — Raising the elbow is wasted motion and indicates or telegraphs your intention to throw a jab. 49 The jab 1 2 1 2 Jab body —The key to body punching is lowering yourself so that your shoulders line up with the target.

When you’ve finished punching, angle out, jab out or roll out and re-create your range. 29 Range Getting in and out without getting hit takes practice. It’s best to develop more than one way to exit. Doing the same thing again and again will give your opponent a better chance of catching you (see the Angles chapter). A jab-out entails throwing a jab as you pull your back foot out. The jab keeps your opponent from following you with a punch. “Don’t pull straight back” is a major truism in boxing.

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