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By Ph.D. Eric Maisel, Ann Maisel

It’s precise: a brain is a poor factor to waste. but that’s what we do once we spend our weekend — and neurons — reliving a place of work squabble, spend a relations stopover at chewing over youth concerns, or spend hours beating ourselves up while an individual brings certainly one of our personal long-held (but by no means labored on) principles to fruition. this sort of obsessing will get us, like a hamster on a wheel, nowhere. yet as famous creativity specialist Eric Maisel asserts, obsessing productively ends up in achievement instead of frustration. A efficient obsession, even if an concept for a unique, a enterprise, or a vaccine, is selected intentionally and pursued with selection. during this provocative, useful consultant, Maisel coaches you to exploit the tendency to obsess on your artistic virtue, pleasing either your promise and your offers to yourself.

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In a felicitous phrase she compares them to ‘clouds in the brain,’ coming or going as thoughts and associations move through the mind. . ” Doesn’t this model suggest some fascinating possibilities with respect to obsession? What if a productive obsession is a large neuronal gestalt of long duration — a big idea that lasts a long time — and an unproductive obsession is a small neuronal gestalt with a long duration — a small, pesky idea that lasts a long time? ” Our goal would be to create large neuronal gestalts of long duration.

Probably not. But it is excellent to have a mountaintop as a goal and to expect to rise to such heights. Let’s say that you love to hike in the mountains but rarely go hiking. You start the productive obsession program and set as your grand goal climbing a famous peak. It wouldn’t surprise anyone, yourself included, if you failed to achieve your lofty goal in a single month, given that you haven’t been hiking for years. But what if setting the goal at that lofty height provided exactly the spark to get you hiking again?

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