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Self association of caffeine in aqueous solution: IH nuclear magnetic resonance study, J. Chem. Soc. Chem. , 9,524,1970. 14. , Association of naturally occurring compounds, the chlorogenic acid-caffcine complex, Arch. Biochem. , 93,63,1961. 15. Both, H. , Physical properties and behavior of caffeine in aqueous solution, 9th Int. Sci. Colloq. Coffee, 1980. 16. , Friedrich CG: Interaction of copper ion with guanosine and related compounds, Biochemistry, 7,4367,1968. 17. , Thermochemical investigations of the dimerization of theobromine, 14 MARM , 1982.

Caffeine 2. Theobromine 3. Theophyllline 4. Biosynthesis C. Polyphenols 1. Tea Flavanols (catechins) 2. Flavonols and Glycosides 3. Gallic Acid D. Enzymes E. Amino Acids F. Carotenoids G. Minerals H. Volatile Components Manufacturing A. Introduction B. Chemistry of Tea Oxidation 1. Introduction 2. Flavanol Oxidation 3. Theaflavin Formation 4. Bisflavanol Formation 5. Thearubigen Formation C. Black Tea Manufacturing 1. Withering 2. Rolling 3. Fermentation 4. Firing 5. Grading 6. Black Tea Production 7.

Detection in both cases was achieved using a UV detector at 272 or 254 nm, respectively. HPLC showed adequate precision and accuracy for routine analyses. In addition, the methods used were more rapid and simple than traditional procedures. HPLC appears to be a suitable technique for quality control in the coffee industry, and for fundamental investigation of the mechanisms involved in the roasting process. This chapter describes use of solid-surface room temperature phosphorimetry (SSRTP) as a detection technique in the liquid chromatographic (LC) analysis of caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine.

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