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By Dale Jacquette (ed.)

The controversy at the prestige and legality of hashish maintains to achieve momentum. the following, own anecdotes mixed with educational and clinical studies mix to sharpen a number of the interesting philosophical matters linked to hashish use. 

  • A frank, professionally proficient and playful dialogue of hashish utilization relating to philosophical inquiry
  • Considers the which means of a ‘high’, the morality of smoking marijuana for excitement, the slippery slope to extra risky medicinal drugs, and the human force to change our recognition
  • Not purely contains contributions from philosophers, psychologists, sociologists or felony, pharmacological, and medical examiners, but in addition non-academics linked to the cultivation, distribution, and sale of hashish
  • Brings jointly a world group of writers from the us, Canada, united kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, and New Zealand

Chapter 1 A hashish Odyssey (pages 21–34): Lester Grinspoon
Chapter 2 Seeing Snakes (pages 35–49): G. T. Roche
Chapter three The hashish event (pages 50–61): Andrew D. Hathaway and Justin Sharpley
Chapter four Buzz, excessive, and Stoned (pages 65–76): Michael Montagne
Chapter five the good get away (pages 77–89): Charles Taliaferro and Michel Le Gall
Chapter 6 hashish and the Human situation (pages 90–99): Brian R. Clack
Chapter 7 Hallucinatory Terror (pages 103–113): Tommi Kakko
Chapter eight Marijuana and Creativity (pages 114–120): Ryan E. Holt and James C. Kaufman
Chapter nine Navigating artistic internal area at the blameless Pleasures of cannabis (pages 121–136): Dale Jacquette
Chapter 10 hashish and the tradition of Alienation (pages 139–148): Mark Thorsby
Chapter eleven Reefer insanity (pages 149–161): Tuomas E. Tahko
Chapter 12 gentle vs. tough (pages 162–172): Brian Penrose
Chapter thirteen “Smoking Pot does not harm somebody yet Me!” (pages 175–191): Jack eco-friendly Musselman, Russ Frohardt and D. G. Lynch
Chapter 14 Pot Politics (pages 192–213): Mitch Earleywine
Chapter 15 hashish and the nice existence (pages 214–225): Theodore Schick
Chapter sixteen weak point of Will (pages 226–235): Michael Funke

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Likewise will wisdom, good sense, and the logical thoughts of the sober, prudent observer, delight and amuse you like a particular form of dementia. Charles Baudelaire, The Poem of Hashish, Artificial Paradises, 1860 Cannabis Philosophy for Everyone: W hat W ere W e Just Talking About? © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. indd 19 Edited by Dale Jacquette 5/20/2010 2:12:10 AM LESTER GRINSPOON CHAPTER 1 A CANNABIS ODYSSEY This is my account of how I, as a young instructor in psychiatry, veered, without realizing it, from my tenure track at Harvard Medical School when I began to study marijuana in 1967.

This was certainly true at the time I wrote Marihuana Reconsidered. The chapter on marijuana as medicine (“The Place of Cannabis and Medicine”) was concerned with past (nineteenth- and early twentieth-century) and potential uses; there was no overt and little covert use of cannabis as a medicine at that time. indd 32 LES TER GRINS P O O N 5/20/2010 2:10:56 AM Now, there are many thousands of patients who use cannabis medicinally. And as the ranks of these patients grow, so does the number of people who observe for themselves how relatively benign this substance is.

This seems to entail using cannabis only when through lack of pressing commitments one can afford the luxury of getting high. Earleywine’s well-informed discussion, from the standpoint of his familiarity with the relevant facts and current state of political play, reflected also in his dedicated cannabis activism, makes his lucidly rational assessment of the immorality of cannabis prohibition on many counts especially valuable in the present discussion. ” Schick argues persuasively that cannabis use and its toleration under the law can be morally justified as contributing to the happiness resulting from gratifying the natural desire to flourish of curious dynamic human agents.

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