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Since dinosaurs are considered to have been active, agile animals, I feel that their colors and patterns might have been as interesting as the animals themselves were. Diplodocus Page 3 What would it be like to have a dinosaur for a pet? Wait a minute! Everyone knows that dinosaurs don't exist anymore. They disappeared millions and millions and millions of years ago! The last dinosaurs died a long time before humans ever lived on Earth. No one has ever seen a live dinosaur. In fact, the only way that we even know that dinosaurs existed is because people have found traces of them in the groundtheir bones, teeth, footprints, and even their poop.

Most of the muscles on the head of this Allosaurus (AL-oh-SAWR-us) are geared toward operating its jaws to give it a strong bite. It had lips that it could have pulled back to show its teeth, like a dog does to appear fierce. If your dinosaur looks at you like that, it might be a good idea to leave. Allosaurus Page 29 Stegoceras Page 30 What are those spikes on my dinosaur for? Many dinosaurs had very strange body parts that scientists are still trying to understand. Stegosaurus (STEG-oh-SAWR-us) had big plates on its back.

Sauropod dinosaurs, like this Omeisaurus (OH-mee-SAWR-us), have long necks and long balancing tails that allowed them to reach far for the best food. An adult sauropod will have to spend most of every day eating to produce enough energy for its huge body. This must have been difficult to do. Since the heads of sauropods were so small compared to the size of their bodies, they would only be able to eat a small mouthful of food with each bite, so lots of energy must have gone into taking lots of bites.

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