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New glance! Relaunched with new jackets and eight pages of recent textual content! this is a thrilling and informative advisor to the intense international of cats, either wild and family. terrific colour photos of huge and small cats, and the artwork and artifacts they've got encouraged, supply a special "eyewitness" view that covers the topic from teeth to claw. See a jaguar swimming, a cat that could outrun a motor vehicle, a cat with a curly coat, a leopard that has misplaced its spots, the cat worshiped via the traditional Egyptians, a caracal's tufted ears, and a black panther stalking its prey. study why cats want whiskers, how cats purr, how the Manx cat misplaced its tail, why a lick shape a pleasant lion may possibly pores and skin you alive, why a lion has a mane, and why a tiger is striped. become aware of how cats speak, why cats play with prey, why cats consume grass, how and why a tomcat marks his territory, how cats locate their approach domestic, why the black cat has been either persecuted and pampered, why cats are acknowledged to have 9 lives, and masses, even more.

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Even the whiskers are curly 58 (c) 2011 Dorling Kindersley. All Rights Reserved. THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT A cat and bird friendship would be a very curious thing indeed. However, in Edward Lear’s (1812–1888) famous poem, the owl and the pussycat fall in love, marry, and live happily ever after. Long, flexible tail MANX A kitten without a tail may be born in any litter, and the Manx has long been established as a breed. Manx means from the Isle of Man, off the northwest coast of England. Although not originally from the island, tailless cats became common there at least 200 years ago, probably as a result of its geographical isolation and the resulting inbreeding.

THE SPHYNX This cat’s appearance is probably not everyone’s idea of beauty. Hairless kittens are born from time to time as a natural genetic abnormality. One such kitten, born in 1966 to an ordinary black and white cat in Canada, was used as a founding sire (male cat used for fathering kittens) for a new breed of hairless cats. DEVON REX As a result of a mutation, which was selected for the founding of a new breed, the Devon and Cornish (originating from Devon and Cornwall in England) rex cats are unique in that every hair on their bodies is soft and curly.

It usually has a litter of two or three kittens which are born in borrowed burrows, rock holes, or thick scrub. It does not make many sounds, but has a loud bark which it uses to call its mate. (grasslands), plains, and deserts. The lion is the largest savanna cat. Two other well-sized plains and savanna cats, the serval and the caracal, are widespread, ranging over the whole African continent and into western Asia. They are considerably bigger than the rest of the plains and savanna cats. Cats from these environments are mainly nocturnal, and hunt for small animals like birds, rodents, lizards, beetles, and snakes.

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