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By H. Herrlich and H.-E. Porst (eds.)

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19. Open the door for her. 20. Take her side when she’s upset with someone. 21. Whenever you need to “pull away,” let her know that you will be back. 22. Ask her how she is feeling. 23. When listening, make eye contact. 24. Bring her presents like a small box of candy or perfume. 25. Give her a kiss and say good-bye when you leave. Men are motivated and empowered when they feel needed. Twenty-five Ways to Score Big on Mars 1. Do not give directions or unsolicited advice. 2. Be happy to see him.

A man commonly makes the mistake of thinking that once he has met all of a woman’s primary love needs, and she feels happy and secure, she should know from then on that she is loved. A man primarily needs to be encouraged by a woman. A woman’s encouraging attitude gives hope and courage to a man by expressing confidence in his abilities and character. When a woman’s attitude expresses trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, and approval, it encourages a man to be all that he can be. Feeling encouraged motivates him to give her the loving reassurance she needs.

She may even purposefully not ask as a test to see if he really loves her. To pass the test, she requires that he anticipate her needs and offer his unsolicited support! This approach to relationships with men doesn’t work. Men are from Mars, and on Mars, if you want support, you simply have to ask for it. By learning the art of asking for support, your relationships will gradually become greatly enriched. As you are able to receive more of the love and support you need, your partner will also naturally be happy.

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