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By Michael Kort

This article examines the issues confronting the principal Asian Republics - as they comply with being independant international locations. it really is divided into 5 sections, delivering an outline of every state and its geography, inhabitants, heritage, and govt, in addition to an outlook for its destiny.

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Seljuk power in Central Asia waned within a century, as new Turkic invaders continued to pour into Central Asia and carve up the region into short-lived new states. NIT-CentAsianReps -blues 11/18/08 26 ■ 9:58 AM Page 26 CENTRAL ASIAN REPUBLICS Meanwhile, the Turkic languages of the new invaders were being fused into the cultural mix of Central Asia. These new languages gradually came to be spoken by the most of the population in Transoxiana. At the same time, Persian, which in recent centuries had made a comeback and displaced Arabic, remained the primary language of the region’s educated elite.

As a result, cotton production in the last two decades of the 19th century increased eightfold. Russians in Central Asia profited from growing cotton. Others in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities in European Russia made money manufacturing cotton textiles. Central Asians, however, paid dearly for this development: They NIT-CentAsianReps -blues 11/18/08 9:58 AM Page 39 RUSSIAN CENTRAL ASIA ■ 39 The Russians marked their presence in Central Asia with Orthodox churches, such as this one on the Kazakh steppe in the early 20th century.

Officially, the two were separate, but party leaders occupied every important government post. The party’s structure paralleled the government’s, from the national all the way down to the lowest local level. For each union republic (or autonomous republic) government, there was a parallel party organization. Communist Party members were carefully selected and vetted for loyalty to the Soviet system and always subject to the constant spying of the Soviet secret police. The Soviet regime made a major effort to recruit a native elite that would serve its interests in return for privilege and status.

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