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Over 140,000 copies bought. An authoritative source instrument and crucial spouse on any non secular trip. useful and inspirational. A needs to for somebody who desires to combine the knowledge of non secular culture into day-by-day residing.

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The hospital staff went to jumping all around, and my family had to decide whether or not they were happy to hear the news! I’m only kidding—I think. Nevertheless, I had no choice but to take the fi rst step on what would prove to be my very long and tumultuous road to recovery. I spent approximately six days in the constant care of my local hospital. Two of those days, I spent in a semicoma. When I awakened, I was still completely paralyzed for the next four days. On the seventh day, I managed to lift my hand to scratch the tip of my nose.

I appreciated her concern about half the time; the other half, I still couldn’t remember who she was! But that never kept her from checking on me every day. My dad never failed to be there when I needed him either. Overall, it took me two difficult years to recapture full mastery of my body. Since I’d always been healthy, strong, and agile, these were physical attributes I’d taken for granted—until I was struck by lightning. I promised myself never again to eat a meal without saying the blessing, to ignore the beauty of a sunrise, or to forget to say thank you for the smallest kindness extended by another person.

I was dead—again. It impressed me that no one in the operating room thought much of what was happening to my body. The other attending physicians were engrossed in a lively conversation about their upcoming fishing trip and didn’t appear to regard my body as a physical presence in the room. At this point, it all was becoming too much for me. I heard the familiar sound of distant chimes. I found myself being transported through the tunnel and moving toward the shimmering brilliance of that comforting and beautiful light.

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