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By Nadia Higgins

Greater than cake, greater than fireworks, or even greater than Christmas, Fiona and Frieda love fairy stories. on a daily basis at recess, they act out their favourite tales. Then, at the fifty-seventh day of 3rd grade, whatever striking occurs. Magic flickers fill the air and the women detect they've got magic rhyming powers. immediately, Cinderella's sitting on the backside of the curly blue slide, and she's crying more durable than a kindergartener at the first day of college. Can Fiona and Frieda aid Cinderella locate her fairy godmother sooner than her suggest stepsisters notice her? Will they assist Cinderella meet the prince--or will they damage the fairy story eternally? discover during this pleasing, illustrated bankruptcy e-book appropriate for learn alouds and starting bankruptcy booklet readers. Calico bankruptcy Books is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a department of ABDO team. Grades 2-8.

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Mrs. ” Fiona shrieked. Mrs. Merryball was Fiona and Frieda’s wackiest neighbor on the eighth floor of Castle Apartments. She was such a nut job that everyone called her Mrs. Nuttyball. We’re talking 30 Easter eggs for Halloween nutty. And a garden on her balcony where she only ever, ever grew zucchini nutty. And shoes made out of pistachio shells nutty. That nutty. Cinderella was starting to look concerned. ” Frieda said, wiping her eyes. “None at all. ” 31 Chapter 4 So now all the girls had to do was figure out how to ditch the stepsisters and get out of the closet before Cinderella lost her lunch.

I suppose any girl who can zip a zipper can pull a handle. . ” Then with a quick wand flip, she put Cinderella in a big, white, ruffly, puffy, ribbony, lacy dress. Cinderella stood there for a minute looking like a depressed wedding cake. Then her chin wrinkled and she started to cry. Sniff. Oooooh. Hiccup. Waaaaaah! ” Mrs. Merryball wasn’t exactly the most on-the-ball Fairy Godmother. But in her defense, she really did seem worried about Cinderella. ” Cinderella wailed. 46 “Oh, I see,” Mrs. Merryball said.

Merryball looked down at the maiden. “Oh, my dear, my dear. ” Frieda explained that it was all just a disguise—and a very good one, too, thanks to her friend, Fiona. 40 “Please, Fairy Godmother,” Cinderella said, now free of the nutty lady’s grip. “You have to help me. ” At this Mrs. Merryball touched her toes. She stood up. She waved her arms and twirled them in the air. Fiona and Frieda looked at each other. Fiona made the “crazy” sign. She looked so funny that Frieda had to do two more lists in her head to keep from rolling on the floor laughing.

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