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Center hole configuration is aligned on both flanges. 5 m) of acetate base film. Used in cameras such as the Canon and Elmo for double super 8 film and in 16 mm spool-loading cameras. See Figure 39. Figure 40 R-190 Spool-66 mm. 940-inch (125 mm) flange diameter and a 1 1/4-inch (32 mm) core diameter. Square hole with single keyway, two offset round drive holes, and one elliptical hole in both flanges. Side 1 and Side 2 markings. Will accept 200 feet (61 m) of acetate base film. See Figure 40. 55 Figure 41 S-83 Spool-35 mm.

The design provided space on the film to carry four magnetic-sound stripes for stereophonic and surround sound. Although not widely used now, this perforation is still available on 35 mm EASTMAN Color Print Film. Except for early experimentation, perforation dimensions on 16 mm and 8 mm films have remained unchanged since their introduction. Each type of perforation is referred to by a letter identifying its shape and by a number indicating the perforation pitch dimension. Perforation pitch is the distance from the bottom edge of one perforation to the bottom edge of the next perforation.

400 450 500 550 WAVELENGTH (nm) Figure 18 30 600 650 700 Image Structure The sharpness of image detail that a particular film type can produce cannot be measured by a single test or expressed by one number. For example, resolving-power-test data gives a reasonably good indication of image quality. However, because these values describe the maximum resolving power a photographic system or component is capable of, they do not indicate the capacity of the system (or component) to reproduce detail at other levels.

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