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By Ron Miller

Through the years, performs, poetry, video clips, and tv have portrayed Cleopatra as an formidable lady who used her attractiveness to seduce strong males. yet is that this the true Cleopatra? This publication indicates how she used her intelligence, character, and force in a sad try and restoration Egypt to the greatness it had identified below the nice pharaohs of previous.

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Mark Antony, a Roman politician and general who, as a military commander and administrator, was an important supporter of Julius Caesar, learned of the plot the night before from a terrified Liberatore named Servilius Casca. Fearing the worst, he hurried to warn Caesar. The senators, however, intercepted Caesar before he reached the senate chamber and directed him to an adjoining room. As Caesar began to read the false petition, Casca pulled down Caesar’s tunic and thrust his dagger at his neck.

She fled, with her sister Arsinoë, to neighboring Syria. There she hoped to raise an army that would allow her to return to Egypt and reclaim her throne. Meanwhile, Julius Caesar became the most powerful man in the world. The triumvirate that had been ruling Rome had collapsed. Crassus had died in a battle in Parthia while Pompey and Caesar fought one another. c. Pompey, not quite admitting defeat, immediately sailed for Egypt to seek both refuge and help, which he expected to find, since he had been appointed Ptolemy’s guardian by the Roman Senate.

C. She used these misfortunes to excuse Egypt from paying the subsidies that Cassius demanded. Fed up with Cleopatra’s obstinacy, he was on the point of invading nearly defenseless Egypt when he was suddenly summoned by Brutus to join him at Philippi. Trying to secure recognition for Caesarion from Dolabella, Caesar’s former lieutenant, Cleopatra sent him the four legions that Caesar had left in Egypt. c. Her plan to join Mark Antony and Octavian with a large fleet of ships after Dolabella’s death was foiled by a violent storm.

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