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1), then the interaction V (t) embodies an exponential exp(iωt) that exactly cancels the exponentials appearing in in these equations 50 . It then becomes a straightforward exercise in numerical integration to obtain the solutions, starting e. g. with the initial conditions C1 (0) = 1, C2 (0) = 0. (101) In principle, there is no difficulty in integrating numerically the exact two-state differential equations for any reasonable time variation of Ω(t), using appropriate numerical tools [68]. Alternatively, when the light is linearly polarized, so the interaction V (t) is that of eqn.

They are also known as dressed states [74, 75]; the original basis states ψn are termed bare states). The energy eigenvalues are readily found as 1 ε± = 2 [∆ ± Ω], where Ω = ∆ 2 + Ω2 . (139) To find expressions for the eigenvectors we introduce an angle Θ through the definition cot(2Θ) = ∆/Ω (140) Two-state coherent excitation examples 299 and rewrite the Hamiltonian, using trigonometric identities, as W = Ω 2 = Ω 0 sin(2Θ) eiϕ sin(2Θ) e−iϕ 2 cos(2Θ) 0 sin Θ cos Θ eiϕ sin Θ cos Θ e−iϕ cos2 Θ − sin2 Θ .

2), and a statevector having 2S + 1 Hilbert-space coordinates (and hence a representation of total spin S) [61]. Applied to the present case the Majorana approach considers the N = 2S + 1 roots xn of the polynomial equation 37 n−1 ΣN = 0. (n + 1)! , (48) 37 The statevector coefficients c have indices n = 1, . . , N − 1. These are associated in the polynomial with powers n xN −1 , · · · , x0 . g. hn = 1). Each complex-valued root can be expressed as a pair of angles, xn = tan(θn /2)eiφn . (49) Each of these define a point on a unit sphere – the Bloch sphere The complete description of the statevector consists of N − 1 points on the Bloch sphere.

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