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By Luis De Sousa

Written with non-Medical participants in brain, this advisor contains every one abbreviation in its particular shape and explains the several meanings and connotations for various scientific specialities.

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BEC BEE bef. beg. BEI bene BEP beri . BES bet. BET BeV bf B/F BF BFC BFGF BFP BFR BFT 32 BCNU, Cytoxan, Velban, Procarbazine, Prednisone bis die (twice a day) base deficit; bile duct ; brain death; bucco-distal ; Bucky diaphragm Boston Diagnostic Aphasia; British Dental Association blue-dome cyst ; brain-damaged child; burn-dressing change basic drive-cycle length buffered deoxycholate glucose Byrd-Dew method Bleomycin, DTIC, Oncovin, Prednisone, Adriamycin bis die sumendum (to be taken twice a day) blue-diaper syndrome ; British Dental Society Bachelor of Dental Science bromo-deoxy-uridine Baume Beryllium bacillary emulsion ; bacterial endocarditis ; Barium enema; base excess ; below elbow; bovine enteritis BCNU, Etoposide, Ara-C, Melphalan; brain electrical activity map below elbow amputation bacterial endo-carditis; blood ethanol concentration basal energy expenditure before begin; beginning butanol-extractable iodine bene (well) Bleomycin, Etoposide, Platinol beriberi balanced electrolyte solution between benign epileptiform transients billion electron volts bouillon filtrate (tuberculin) balance forward (bookkeeping abbreviation); boundfree ratio; breast-feeding ; brought forward black female; blastogenic factor ; body fat; break-fast benign febrile convulsion basic fibroblast growth factor biologic false-positive (reaction) blood flow rate ; bone formation rate bentonite flocculation test MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS BFU-E BFVR B-G BG BGG BGL BGH B-glands BGP BGSA BGTT BHA BHAPs B-HBA BHC b-HCG B-HCG BHD BHDV BHI BHK B-HS BHT BH/VH bi Bi BI bib.

Cult . bld. BLDG BLE Bleo . Bleo-COMF BLG Blk Blm. BLN BLOB bl . pr. m . 34 biological ; biology biological ; biology an immunoglobulin binding protein bis (twice) bis in septum diebus (twice a week) centrifugal left and right ventricular assist device bone and joint Bence Jones; biceps jerks Bence Jones albumose bones, joints, muscles bone, joint, muscle examination Bence Jones protein book Berkelium; book below knee ; book below knee amputation below knee amputation breakfast BK virus below knee walking plaster base-line; black; bleeding ; block; blood; blood loss ; blue; bucco-labial ; bucco-lingual; Burkitt's lymphoma border-line left axis deviation Boothby-Lovelace-Bulbulian mask Bessey-Lowry-Brock unit blood culture blood building both lower extremities Bleomycin Bleomycin, CCNU, Oncovin, Methotrexate, Fluorouracil beta-lacto-globulin black ; block Bleomycin bronchial lymph nodes bladder obstruction blood pressure basic life support blood (clot) lysis time Bessey-Lowry units bovine leukemia virus balneum maris (sea-water bath) MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS BM BMA BMD BME BMG B2MG BMI BMJ BMK BMOPP BMP BMR BMRTC BMS BMT BN BNC BNLI BNMSE BNO BNPA BNS B&O BO BOA BOAP BOBA BOC BOEA BOH bol .


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