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By Cynthia A. Arem

Arem's CONQUERING MATH nervousness is a accomplished workbook that gives quite a few routines and worksheets in addition to designated factors of easy methods to support "math-anxious" scholars take care of and triumph over math fears. the writer deals tips about particular techniques, in addition to rest routines. The book's significant concentration is to motivate scholars to do so. Expertly built hands-on actions support readers discover either the underlying reasons in their challenge and plausible suggestions. Many actions are via illustrated examples accomplished by means of different scholars. This variation now comes with a "free" leisure CD-ROM, and a close checklist of web assets.

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Perhaps you have a teacher who encourages you, a friend who is a great math tutor, or a companion who is particularly reassuring. In the eighth section of this plan, I ask you to select the significant action steps you are ready to take to meet your math success goal. Include here the measures you think will work best. For example, you may explore the availability of math tutorial programs or decide to work on a specific number of math problems at each study session. Many of these steps you will be aware of only as you continue to read further in this book.

I asked Juanita to write her math autobiography so we could get some insight into the roots of her problem. And there it was. The mystery of her great fears lay in front of me in black and white. Juanita wrote: I remember I was in grade school, and I loved it. But the nuns were very strict. And one day I had to go to the bathroom real bad. I raised my hand to ask, but the teacher didn’t wait for me to ask for permission to leave; instead I was called to the chalkboard to complete a math problem.

But math was different. It took discipline that I did not have. I didn’t do my algebra homework and my grade suffered as the result of it. I started getting Ds. Jefferson, a member of the school basketball team, wrote: From my earliest memories in elementary school, math was something to fear and despise. I was always the last to finish and the most likely to fail an exam. As a result of my poor performance and not wanting to be left behind, I became a professional cheater. This habit of mine continued until I reached high school, where I was put into prealgebra.

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