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By Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm, Wilhelm Karl Grimm, Évelyne Amon

Une grenouille toute-puissante, une marâtre cruelle, une princesse ravissante et naïve, une sorcière redoutable : tels sont quelques-uns des personnages qui peuplent les contes des frères Grimm.

Dans ces récits enchantés, los angeles magie fait parler un miroir, métamorphose un jeune homme en corbeau et transforme une carotte en carrosse.

Les héros traversent joyeusement une série d'épreuves où l. a. faiblaisse prend sa revanche sur l. a. strength, où les bons sont récompensés et les méchants punis.

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He had hoped to spare her the details of his misadventure in the castle, but it was plain that she would not rest until she knew the truth. Attempting to convince her otherwise would only lead her to imagine calamities far worse than what had actually occurred. Besides, it would be pointless for him to hold back when news of the event would soon be common throughout the Varden. So he told her. He gave her a brief account and tried to make the collapse of the wall seem more like a minor inconvenience rather than something that had almost killed him.

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