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On summer time nights, the air is frequently jam-packed with the sound of crickets chirping. Symbols of excellent success in lots of cultures, crickets dwell in gardens around the globe. extraordinary up-close photos discover the interesting international of crickets, detailing the physique components and day-by-day actions of those noisy bugs.

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The Life of a Grasshopper. Chicago: Heinemann-Raintree, 2004. This book explains how a grasshopper develops from an egg into an adult insect. You can also find out where grasshoppers live and the animals that threaten them throughout their lives. Slade, Suzanne. Grasshoppers. New York: Rosen Publishing, 2008. An information-packed look at the grasshoppers that live in your backyard. html A close look at one of the most common types of cricket, with a sound file and information about strange things such as cricket fighting!

Camouflage: A type of coloring or shape lenses: See-through structures in the that makes something hard to see eye that focus light to form pictures against its background. in the brain. cannibal: An animal that eats other animals of the same species. cerci: The two hair-like, spiny structures at the end of a cricket’s body. compound eye: A bundle of many very simple eyes that act together to form mate: When males and females come together to produce young. migrate: In animals, to make a journey from one place to another, often to find food.

Crop: On a farm, a plant that is grown in a field so it can be harvested. duet: Two animals or people singing together. fungi: Living things that look a little like plants but feed on the remains of other living things. Mushrooms and toadstools are fungi. 30 ovipositor: The sharp egg-laying tube at the end of the body of a female cricket, or other insect. plague: In connection with insects, a vast number that gather together and often cause serious destruction. predator: An animal that attacks and eats other live animals.

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