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Critical Thinkers Rosalind Franklin The importance of critical thinking in chemistry is vividly illustrated in the life and work of the English chemist Rosalind Franklin (1920–1958). If she hadn’t died of ovarian cancer, she would have won the Nobel Prize in conjunction with James Watson and Francis Photo Researchers Crick for their work on discovering the structure of DNA. ) Franklin’s work contributed to our understanding of the molecular structure of DNA, RNA, viruses, coal, and graphite. html.

Perhaps the least interesting reason that true beliefs are better than false ones is that you’ll get better grades. If you’re taking a geology course and you have false beliefs about the rock formations you’re studying, you probably won’t do well on your geology tests. When you reveal false beliefs on an exam, your instructor will give you a lower grade and your college career could be on the rocks! Another reason why you’re better off with true beliefs is that false beliefs are often expensive.

Al Gore was the real winner in the presidential election of 2000. The economic policies of George W. Bush helped the country. Thomas Jefferson was the best American President in history. Bill Clinton lied many times to the American public. Please don’t say bad things about any President of the United States. Grass is usually green. Many people like ice cream. How many times have you tried to reboot this computer? Elementary students should learn a foreign language. You should invest in exchange-traded funds.

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