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By Samuel Willard Crompton

In the course of his time, Cyrus used to be proclaimed the best chief of his period and, probably, of the traditional global. a lot of what we all know approximately him comes from items of the previous testomony, the Babylonian Chronicle, and the writings of old historians Herodotus and Xenophon. via those writings from his buddies and foes, we assemble a view of this awesome guy. notwithstanding he may be in comparison to Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan for his army accomplishments, Cyrus used to be additionally a grasp at international relations and tact. He welded jointly teams of individuals as disparate as Afghani tribesmen and Turkish farmers, growing the 1st international empire identified within the Western global. His legacy within the heart East lives on, for he used to be the chief who initiated the Persians' and Iranians' nationwide destinies greater than 2,000 years in the past.

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What is clear, however, is that Nabonidus, whether he was royal or not, intended to alter some of the Babylonian religious festivals. New To the Rising Dawn After defeating Croesus in Lydia, Cyrus marched east with his armies, in the direc-­ tion of ­modern-­day Afghanistan. Cyrus expanded his empire by using his large forces to defeat resistance from the local people. 63 64 cyrus the great Year’s Day was celebrated in Babylon with an enormous festival, which drew thousands of people from outlying districts; on this day, the Babylonian king was expected to walk slowly up to the statue of the great God Marduk, place his hands in those of the god’s statue, and thereby receive an annual blessing for the land.

Most of what is now Turkey was under Persian control. The major exception was a sliver of land on Turkey’s west coast, where a handful of Greek ­city-­states still held out. Some of them sent a delegation to Cyrus, offering to become his allies, but he taunted them by telling the story of the piper who piped to a bunch of fish and was spurned; only after he caught them did they wish to dance for him. Cyrus now wished to complete his conquest by taking all the land that led to the Mediterranean Sea.

Nabonidus performed the festival during the first few years of his reign, but he then moved, on a temporary basis, to a desert oasis in Arabia, which is now Saudi Arabia. Nabonidus spent most of his time at this oasis, building new statues to the gods; he seemed especially well disposed toward the moon god Sin (some believe his mother was a priestess of Sin). The Babylonian people were not upset with King Nabonidus but the Babylonian merchants were. They depended on the New Year’s festival for much of their annual income, and when the king was not in Babylon, the festival was not performed.

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