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Edmontonia Q What was the armor made of? A The flat plates embedded in the skin of the ankylosaurs are known as scutes by paleontologists. The ankylosaurs’ armor of scutes, studs, and spikes was made of hardened bone, sometimes covered in horn. Edmontonia had scutes around its shoulders and along its tail, as well as triangular spikes on its back. Curved dorsal spines Broad, flat spikes Horny, toothless beak Broad foot 44 Gastonia Hard head Pachycephalosaurus Heavy tail Powerful legs Q What was a nasal boss?

A By the Cretaceous Period, the SOUTH AMERICA Paralititan During the 160 million years that dinosaurs existed, new landmasses appeared and different habitats were created. The herbivores, along with carnivores, lived in most of them, although tropical forest was a favored habitat for big sauropods. Some plant-eaters adapted to extreme conditions, while others may have moved on to find new lands. Whether in a forest or a windswept plain, many of the herbivores spent their lives with each other, perhaps even living in herds of thousands.

Members of this group, such as Compsognathus, are characterized by several birdlike features, including long legs and feet. Most importantly, they seized prey with arms that worked very much like wings. 95 g). Lightweight bird bone Q When did the first true bird appear? A Confuciusornis was the first known Hooked point at end of bill bird to have a horny toothless beak, like modern birds, although it still had dinosaurlike claws on its wing feathers. It appeared in Cretaceous China about 120 million years ago.

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