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By James W. Jesso

Decomposing The Shadow offers a mental version for the adventure of the magic psilocybin mushroom. It explores what the event of this psychedelic drugs exposes to us in regards to the nature of brain, emotion, society, psychospiritual adulthood, and truth itself. This booklet is set dealing with the darkness inside of every one folks, constructing the braveness of emotional honesty, and investigating how the unacknowledged features of self, the shadow, could make the grounds of non-public progress fertile again.

The psilocybin mushroom bargains us the chance to event lifestyles from some degree of amplified emotional, mental, and religious importance. It unlocks a standpoint of self and different that's evidently happening inside us, yet culturally suppressed to the purpose of approximately whole omission. once we start to navigate the tremendously novel reports this substance supplies us, we extra permit its power for not just exposing, yet therapeutic the subconscious narratives that carry us again from being our fullest, such a lot brave, such a lot sincere self.

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I feel it is important for the reader to know where I am coming from with this information and what has inspired me to present it. In Part 2, we disconnect from my personal perspective and enter an objective investigation into scientific and historical information regarding psilocybin mushrooms. The effort here is to create a rational foundation for the conversation that follows. In Part 3, we follow the trend of objective historical and scientific information and introduce anecdotal evidence to support the concept of psilocybin mushrooms as having spiritual potential.

This action was made out of a fear of losing control, by an establishment whose ability to maintain that control is based on a hierarchy of political power. A hierarchy held up by the ignorance and compliance of its population, which seemed to be disappearing from the people who had partaken in the psychedelic experience. To be a Schedule 1 substance in the Controlled Substance Act of the United States, a substance must meet three basic requirements: (A) The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.

It took a lot of unnecessary mistakes for me to realize the drug paradigm I was indoctrinated into was based on broken logic and popular fiction. With a constant growing base of evidence to support Harm Reductionii as the most effective form of drug education, it seems clear that the ongoing indoctrination of popular drug fiction over factual evidence is more about social control than cultivating responsible adults. There is nothing inherently “good” or “bad” about any given drug. Drugs are simply substances that can produce profound effects on the mind/body system.

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