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By Jean Beaufret

Jean Beaufret could be most sensible recognized for posing the inquiries to which Martin Heidegger answered in his well-known "Letter on Humanism." those questions, swiftly written in a Paris café, represent an early and improvised second that used to be to shape a profound philosophical engagement and friendship among the 2 thinkers. Mark Sinclair offers, for the 1st time in English translation, the 1st of 4 volumes of Beaufret's essays. This quantity covers Beaufret's improvement of Heidegger's method of Greek pondering in six essays "The delivery of Philosophy," "Heraclitus and Parmenides," "Reading Parmenides," "Zeno," "A observe on Plato and Aristotle," and "Energeia and Actus." discussion with Heidegger is an important complement to Heidegger's personal paintings and a necessary research of philosophy in its personal correct.

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Their ¤re, as he said in his brief words. ”7 But with Aristotle a thinking of the original co-belonging of the divine and the human to the ‘invisible harmony’—•rmonàh ¶fanøj—that only separates them in unifying them effaces itself before that of a causal dependence of both the natural and the human with regard to the divine. Placed above everything as the supreme genus of being where it is separated from the rest, it coexists with a structure of being that remains common to everything, but that is now only a framework that is applicable to anything.

It says what equally belongs to several. In this sense the species from which several individuals derive is common, as is the genus from which several species derive. All squares have it in common to be rectangles of which two consecutive sides are equal. The more one goes back, the more the common is impoverished. It was ¤rst a horse, then it is only an animal, and then the animal, in turn, is reduced to a simple living being. But what can there be that is more common to everything than being?

In other words, in ¤fth century Greece a turning occurred. Our question is no longer that of a particular being such as a mountain, a house, a tree, in the sense of having to climb a mountain, of living in a house, of busying ourselves with the planting of a tree. On the contrary, it is a question of the mountain, of the house, of the tree as a being, in order to bring into view only what holds itself in reserve in the word being, whether it is a question of the mountain, of the tree, or of the house.

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