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Evaluate: introduced in June 1997, electronic picture journal is your number one consultant for greater electronic photography.

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Photography and Literature

Aspiring writers are usually admonished to “show, no longer tell,” an guide that instantly speaks to the connection among the written note and the visible international. it's a tenuous correspondence—both literature and artwork are striving towards an analogous target of depiction, however the truth they painting is formed via their selected instruments.

Photography and Spirit (Reaktion Books - Exposures)

Can movie trap what our eyes can’t see? there are lots of examples—both ancient and contemporary—of photos of spirits or “ghosts. ” those pictures alternately have been derided as hoaxes or, on the different severe, held up as irrefutable facts of the otherworld.

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

In the body is a publication approximately discovering and expressing your photographic imaginative and prescient, in particular the place humans, areas, and cultures are involved. a private publication packed with real-world knowledge and exceptional photos, writer David duChemin (of pixelatedimage. com) exhibits you either the how and the why of discovering, chasing, and expressing your imaginative and prescient with a digicam for your eye.

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It lures you in with bits and pieces that make up the whole. m. on a hot August afternoon. These types of faceless portraits rank among my favorite because they connect the viewer with photographer as they create short stories from imagery. When we can see ourselves in someone else’s photograph, we’re drawn to feel the emotion of an image. com | July 2016 Q 41 I want to remember being joyful, and photography helps me do that. Images that reveal the lightness are my passion. I attempt to document these pockets of joy within life’s reality.

BY THE EDITORS In the photography world, new cameras seem to come in waves. After a bit of a drought in 2015, this year has shaped up to be a great one for photographers looking to make a new camera purchase. From lagship professional cameras to enthusiast models, there is something for every shooter. We’ve had the chance to play with or test all the newest models and some have stood out above the rest. Here’s our shortlist of the standouts from the new crop of cameras. com NIKON D5 The newest lagship model from Nikon is a killer, packed full of enough wish list features to satisfy any professional photographer.

ISO 400 What’s high-speed sync lash? This broad term refers to the ability to use lash at shutter speeds up to 1/8000. Traditionally, SLR cameras had a maximum sync speed (the fastest shutter speed you can use with lash) of around 1/250. If you shot faster than 1/250, the resulting image had no visible lash, or you created an image that clipped the lash, producing a dark band in your image. This band was created by the shutter curtain casting a shadow onto the sensor during the lash burst. Since sports photographers often wanted faster shutter speeds to freeze their subjects, some would shoot wide-angle at 1/500 and crop out the dark band created by lash clipping.

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