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The conternporary scholar Li Ling ( 1983) rejects any suggestion that these strips are lost text of the Sun-tzu or some related military treatise, as was suggested in first reports of this find in Tfen-wu. He argues that these strips are works on military regulations that cite the Sun-tzu. The disorderly and corrupt condition of the bamboo strips and the fact that there has not always been an extant text that can be used for comparison has made the project of arranging these strips and reconstructing an intelligible text from them a task fraught with difficulties.

Even amidst the melee and the brawl of battle, with positions shifting every which way, he cannot be defeated. Disorder is born from order; cowardice from courage; weakness from strength. The line between disorder and order lies in logistics (shu); between cowardice and courage, in strategic advantage (shih); and between weakness and strength, in strategic positioning (hsing). Thus the expert at getting the enemy to make his move shows himself (hsing), and the enemy is certain to follow. He baits the enemy, and the enemy is certain to take it.

By "strategic advantage" I mean making the most of favorable conditions (yin) and tilting the scales in our favor. Warfare is the art (tao) of deceit. Therefore, when able, seem to be unable; when ready, seem unready; when nearby, seem far away; and when far away, seem near. If the enemy seeks some advantage, entice him with it. I~ he is. in disord~r, attack him and take him. If he is formidable, prepare against h1m. If he IS strong, evade him. If he is incensed, provoke him. If he is humble, encourage his arrogance.

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