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By Dan Carrison

"Semper Fidelis", Latin for "always trustworthy" is either the motto of the USA Marine Corps and the muse for the method of company management defined during this textual content. It takes the simplest management strategies utilized by the Marine Corp and interprets them to a company setting.

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As in the Marine Corps, recruiting and training become sides of the same coin. Integrating the two functions also gives the newly hired employee confidence in the direction of the organization. There is nothing more disconcerting to the newcomer than to sense friction between those who introduced him into the company and those who took over from there. He feels, instead, that everybody is "on board," with him, and on the way toward a common goal. Exalt HR It may come as a surprise to learn that the Marine Corps considers recruiting duty a premier assignment.

Marine Corps recruiters are solicitous, they want the young person sitting on the other side of the desk to join up. But the decision must be freely and confidently made, and only the applicant knows when it is the right thing to do. The training of new personnel, whether they are Marines or corporate "soldiers," simply costs too much to be thrown away on the uncommitted. Publicize the Pay Scale Although money is not motivation for joining the Marine Corps (and, if it were, the recruiter would take a long hard look at the candidate sitting across his desk) the recruiter is pleased to share with all the pay scale.

There is no doubt that management, by protecting the privacy of its employees, had the best of intentions. But a completely unnecessary obstacle to the successful completion of the corporate mission may have been created. A working environment rife with distracting speculation is truly a house divided against itself. Management might consider publishing the pay scale so that every salaried employee knows where he stands today and what he can strive for in the future. Commissioned employees, as well, would appreciate knowing that there is an objective, standardized base pay schedule, shared by all commissioned associatesor, if not shared, then structured so that all levels are objectively achievable.

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