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Jean-Paul Sartre's recognized autobiography of his first ten years has been broadly in comparison to Rousseau's Confessions. Written whilst he was once fifty-nine years previous, The Words is a masterpiece of self-analysis. Sartre the thinker, novelist and playwright brings to his personal early life an identical rigor of honesty and perception he utilized so brilliantly to different authors. Born right into a mild, book-loving relations and raised by way of a widowed mom and doting grandparents, he had a formative years that may be defined as one lengthy love affair with the published notice. The Words explores and evaluates the entire use of books and language in human event.

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Then Charles Bovary died: of grief? of illness? And why did the doctor open him up, since it was all over? I loved that tough resistance which I was unable to overcome. Mystified and weary, I relished the ambiguous delight of understanding without understanding: that was the density of the world. I found the human heart, of which my grandfather was fond of speaking, insipid and hollow, except in books. My moods were conditioned by giddying names that threw me into states of terror or melancholy, the reasons for which escaped me.

Twice a week, my grandfather put this book into his brief-case. He had covered it with stains, burns, red markings, and I hated it. It was Merimee humiliated. Merely to open it bored me to death; each syllable was detached from the one preceding and following it, just as when my grandfather spoke at the Institute.

There are poor people in this orderly world. There are also freaks of nature, Siamese twins, railway accidents: those anomalies are nobody's fault. The worthy poor do not realize that their function is to exercise our generosity. They are the uncomplaining poor; S3 THE WORDS they hug the walls. I spring forward, I slip a small coin into their hand and, most important, I present them with a fine equalitarian smile. I find they look stupid, and I do not like to touch them, but I force myself to: it is an ordeal; and besides, they must love me, that love will beautify their lives.

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