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As electrons continue to move in one direction, the released energy moves in the opposite direction. This theory is the oldest theory and serves as the basis for most electrical diagrams. Trying to make sense of it all may seem difficult. It is also difficult for scientists and engineers. In fact, another theory has been developed to explain the mysteries of current flow. This theory is called the hole-flow theory and is actually based on both electron theory and the conventional theory. As a technician, you will find references to all of these theories.

The attraction between the negative electrons and the positive protons causes the electrons to orbit the nucleus. All of the electrons surrounding the 17 PDM Mirror Jump start block Low-current switch ACM SDM-R DIM U/H Bec Pass. seat Sun roof Wiper SMCC Starter CNSL RCM In. key Mem. seat IPC ABS Mem. L. Switch Ing Fan Alt CCP Radio Navigational with remote radio Cell tel. RFA RIM PHN © Delmar/Cengage Learning Battery Low-current switch Mirror DDM FIGURE 2-1 The electrical system of today’s vehicle can be complicated.

12 V + 3A 6 1A 3 2A 3A FIGURE 2-26 In a series-parallel circuit, the sum of the currents through the legs will equal the current through the series portion of the circuit. 34 © Delmar/Cengage Learning 2 3. Total amperage is the sum of the current flow through each parallel branch. 4. The amperage through each parallel branch is determined by the resistance in the branch. It is important to realize that the actual or measured values of current, voltage, and resistance may be somewhat different than the calculated values.

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