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Photography and Literature

Aspiring writers are frequently admonished to “show, no longer tell,” an guideline that instantly speaks to the connection among the written note and the visible international. it's a tenuous correspondence—both literature and paintings are striving towards an identical objective of depiction, however the fact they painting is formed via their selected instruments.

Photography and Spirit (Reaktion Books - Exposures)

Can movie trap what our eyes can’t see? there are numerous examples—both old and contemporary—of images of spirits or “ghosts. ” those photos alternately have been derided as hoaxes or, on the different severe, held up as irrefutable evidence of the otherworld.

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

In the body is a e-book approximately discovering and expressing your photographic imaginative and prescient, in particular the place humans, locations, and cultures are involved. a private publication packed with real-world knowledge and brilliant photographs, writer David duChemin (of pixelatedimage. com) exhibits you either the how and the why of discovering, chasing, and expressing your imaginative and prescient with a digital camera in your eye.

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The reef below was rising up to meet us, a sure sign we didn’t have long to go. And yet, so insignificant was the activity, we might have passed the spawning colony altogether, had we not been looking for it. Dolly noticed it first, a release of perhaps 10 eggs in quick succession, a necklace of pearls dancing to our left, on the very edge of the drop off. I was carrying the macro set up, so Dolly went in first with a standard flat port and zoom lens. We made it a rule, never to have the same set ups on a dive.

What if I was to tell you that it is already in your dive bag? Alexander Mustard UwP 41 Getting Wrecked Wrecks in both temperate and tropical waters are exciting to dive and will produce many picture opportunities. Most photographers will yearn for that “big” shot, of all or part of a shipwreck in clear water and under the right conditions these shot are attainable. But all too often these ideal circumstances elude us and so you must first learn to recognise and accept the limitations which present themselves on each dive.

The capital of Guernsey is St Peter Port situated on the east coast and surrounding the pretty harbour often described as one of the most picturesque in the world. Guernsey boasts one of the largest tidal ranges in the world. A spring tide can give a range of up to 10m and even an average neap tide gives a range of 3m. These big tides are both a blessing and a curse for the underwater photographer. The vast amount of water flowing in and out of the Channel causes some very strong currents, which means the exposed sites are covered in current loving species like Jewel Anemones and large Sea Fans .

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