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Photography and Literature

Aspiring writers are frequently admonished to “show, no longer tell,” an guideline that instantly speaks to the connection among the written note and the visible international. it's a tenuous correspondence—both literature and paintings are striving towards a similar target of depiction, however the truth they painting is formed by way of their selected instruments.

Photography and Spirit (Reaktion Books - Exposures)

Can movie catch what our eyes can’t see? there are lots of examples—both old and contemporary—of images of spirits or “ghosts. ” those photographs alternately have been derided as hoaxes or, on the different severe, held up as irrefutable evidence of the otherworld.

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

In the body is a ebook approximately discovering and expressing your photographic imaginative and prescient, in particular the place humans, areas, and cultures are involved. a private publication packed with real-world knowledge and brilliant pictures, writer David duChemin (of pixelatedimage. com) exhibits you either the how and the why of discovering, chasing, and expressing your imaginative and prescient with a digital camera on your eye.

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Roll film is 60mm from top to bottom, and because it has no sprocket holes the height of the image is only slightly smaller. The width of the image can vary, and typical image sizes are 60x45 mm, 60x70 mm and 60x60 mm, that my Hasselblad produces. Most of the popular 35 mm brands of film are available: I use Fuji Velvia and Fuji Provia F. A 60x60 transparency has more than four times the area of a 35 mm, so with the same film it has more than four times the resolution (just like comparing CCD sizes of UwP 36 Southern Stingray.

The range of accessories encompasses tripods, basetrays, pivot trays and handles, modelling light mounts and meter holders. It is simply the most extensive strobe arm range in the world. So when you select Ultralight you won’t be cramping your style. You’ll be broadaning your horizons. uk UwP 31 Solving Nikonos V TTL problems by Peter Rowlands The sad news that Nikon are to discontinue the Nikonos V makes it all the more neccessary to look after your existing cameras. The manual which comes with the camera is helpful enough but there are some tips they don’t tell you about but UwP will!

A simple background is not harmed by being out of focus, for example blue water is not ruined if it is not sharp. In my opinion reduced depth of field can have a positive effect. Many underwater photographs are taken to maximise depth of field but with less range in focus the subject can have more impact, something Steve Norvich pointed out for macro photography in the last issue of Underwater Photography. The Hasselblad produces a square picture format. A big advantage of this is that flash positions do not have to be changed as much as there are no vertical or horizontal compositions.

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