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By Olsen, C.S.; Sterbentz, J.W.; Sinha, U.P.; USDOE, Washington, DC (United States);National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC (United States); Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.; Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.; United States.

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Overflow tank 8. Microwave power units 9. Denitrationapparatus 10. Denitrationvessel Condenser Scrubber Off gas Nitricacid receiving tank 11. Scrubbed acid tank 12. Apparatus for scratching off the denitrated MOX 13. Calcination-reduction furnace 14. Ball mill LF93 0030 Figure 18. Schematic diagram of coconversion test unit. Hotwater sprays r---------- Gases to HF recovery t_ I _t__ Filter Flame Hydrogen Electric heater elements PowderI Uranium hexafluoride vaporization UF6 ROtarykiln unit Orbital screw blender LF93 0031 Figure 19.

7 Conclusions. Fuel fabrication of MOX fuels are well established processes that are applicable to fabrication of a zirconium-plutonium oxide fuel. A crucial decision in the selection of an appropriate fabrication process is whether reprocessing plutonium fuels will be required to achieve the desired burnup because reprocessing requires a nitric acid dissolvable fuel, which in turn requires the fuel to be a solid solution of plutonium with the matrix. processes and the handling of the waste streams.

The prompt coefficient would be even more negative if resonance absorption for all six erbium isotopes had been included in the calculation. These four erbium isotopes are also expected to provide additional holddown reactivity that would in turn allow |or increased plutonium rod mass Ioadings. 8 Europium Additive [PuO2(gr02) (Eu203)]. The burnable poison europium has spectral neutronic characteristics similar to those of erbium. 461 eV that should mitigate 239pu reactivity increases due to moderator thermal spectral shifts.

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